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Jasmine Snow Lily 50g-1Kg
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Jasmine Snow Lily 50g-1Kg

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As well as being a flavoured tea, Jasmine Snow Lily is also what's known as a blossoming tea. This is one to wow your guests with and demands a glass teapot! A lily flower is hand-stitched into a ball of green and white tea leaves which, when immersed in water, unfurls into a beautiful blossom.
NB. These blossoming teas are all handmade and as a result supply can be sporadic. We always have blooming teas in stock but varieties may vary. Price is per tea ball however they can be used for up to three infusions.

Leaf: Tightly hand-tied balls of White and Green leaves.

Characteristics: A very delicate, pleasant flavour with a hint of Jasmine.

Brewing Hints: Brew until it blossoms, which takes approximately five minutes. Do not stir during the brewing process.

Serving Suggestions: Preferably with company as this tea has a wow factor!

Origin: China (Fujian).

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