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Lapsang Souchong Tea ‘Falcon’ 50g-1Kg
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Lapsang Souchong Tea ‘Falcon’ 50g-1Kg

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A large leaf China tea, Lapsang Souchong possesses a delightful smoky flavour, making it perfect for accompanying all Oriental meals. There are many varieties of Lapsang Souchong as the tea is made widely across China, however to appreciate the true taste of Lapsang it's important to buy one of the better varieties. We only buy the best!

(Zhengshan Xiaozhong) This is a smoked tea from Wuyi in Fujian Province in China. The leaf type is more similar to an oolong, and the Chinese sometimes refer to this leaf type as ‘Bohea’, which means ‘from the Wuyi Mountains’. Lapsang Souchong is smoked over pine wood fires, and the quality and cleanliness of the woods used can be discerned in this excellent example of this famous tea from China. Some people claim that this was the first ever black tea to be produced in China, even predating Keemun by some hundred years or so. The story goes that the tea was created during the Qing era when the passage of armies delayed the annual drying of the tea leaves in the Wuyi Mountain. Eager to satisfy demand, the tea producers sped up the drying process by having their workers dry the tea leaves over fires made from local pines.

Leaf: Deep black, large, wiry leaves.

Characteristics: Rich, strong, smoky, tarry flavour. Hearty and full-bodied.

Brewing Hints: Brew in freshly boiled water for about two to three minutes.

Serving Suggestions: Drink with or without milk. Often enjoyed with lemon juice. Good with smoked salmon and other smoked fish, meat or cheese.

Origin: China (Hunan and Fujian).

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