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Bourbon Biscuits 125 g

Bourbon Biscuits 125 g

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Schar Bourbon Biscuits 125g
Schar Gluten Free Bourbon Biscuits are delicious wheat and Gluten Free biscuits with a creamy chocolate filling. These Biscuits come portion packed, ideal for snacking on-the-go or for popping in your bag or lunchbox for later. This tea-time classic biscuit never goes out of style. Schar Gluten Free Bourbon Biscuits have been specifically baked for people with coeliac disease or those with gluten or wheat sensitivities. When it comes to these gluten-free biscuits there’s no need to duck out of the dunk test, as this classic tea-time favourite won’t crumble. Lovingly tried and eagerly tested, Schar Gluten Free Bourbon Biscuits are ideal for sharing amongst friends at afternoon tea or simply saving them just for yourself.

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