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Bioskin Zeoderm 50 ML

Bioskin Zeoderm 50 ML

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Description: Bioskin Zeoderm is suitable for both face & body use. It is specifically formulated to provide additional intensive hydration and nourishment. Bioskin Zeoderm should be used in conjunction with Bioskin DermaSpray or Bioskin DermaSerum when very dry skin is going through a particularly bad phase. This light and easy to apply product works quickly with no limitations of how much you can use or how long you can use this product for.Bioskin products are highly effective andeasy to use by combining dermatologically tested natural skin friendly formulations with clean and hassle free application.Moisturise, hydrate and reduce skin redness using our innovative two-step system, then cleanse skin without causing additional sensitisation with the Bioskin Wash Range.Our unique product system provides you with an easy to follow regime of products that, when used in combination, can deliver rapid results.1. Daily – Use regularly as a source of moisture and vital nutrients – quickly and deeply absorbed.2. Extra – Additional intensive hydration and nourishment – use during particularly difficult phases.Cleanse – Skin friendly Wash Range packed full of omega oils – pleasant to use and free from harsh chemicals.

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