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Organic Spirulina Powder 200g
Synergy Natural

Organic Spirulina Powder 200g

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SYNERGY NATURAL Organic Spirulina 200g
Sprirulina contains a wide array of nutrients that is important for the body. Not only does it contain rich vegetable protein of over 60%, it has a high concentration of other minerals such as iron, magnesium sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. It is a good blood builder with the presence of chlorophyll and iron.
It contains an amazing high volume of beta carotene that helps to protect cells, five times more than you can find in carrots. It is also one of the few plant sources that contain vitamin B12 which is crucial for healthy tissues and nerves.
The high concentration of iron and protein that is present in spirulina makes it ideal during pregnancy, post surgery or when your body requires that extra energy boost.

Research have shown that Spirulina can help increase production of antiboides, stimulate the immune system as well as promote a good response to allergens.

Other benefits include helping to reverse decline in learning and memory. They are also known to help thyroid patients in keeping their thyroid levels healthy.

They are also great at maintaining good blood pressure and cholesterol levels and promoting the development and formation of red blood cells in the body. Through studies, Spirulina can also help promote the growth of good bacteria and probotics to maintain intestinal health.

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