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Organic Ginger Spread 240g
The Ginger People

Organic Ginger Spread 240g

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Now organic! A sublime swirl on toast, spread over gourmet cheese, or glaze over baked chicken. This versatile spread is a pantry essential. 8.5 oz jars

Product Description Expand your culinary coolness with this organic sweet-hot, dreamy ingredient from those creative cast, The Ginger People! Take the tradition from Hollad by serving Organic Ginger Spread with bite size pieces of aged Gouda for dipping at your next social event.

More Ideas: Heat Ginger Spread and pour over walnuts or pecans. Glaze for 10 mins in a 350ᵒ oven. Swirl into ice cream or cream cheese. Add to apple pie filling, jazz up carrot cake, or glaze poultry or pork. Use as dip for spring rolls.

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