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Vitamin D 1000iu 30 capsule

Vitamin D 1000iu 30 capsule

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TOGETHER Vitamin D 30caps
Together's vegetarian Vitamin D is made from nutritional yeast and includes natural metabolites, which are essential for Vitamin D absorption.
When the sun shines on our skin metabolites are created in our bodies to ensure that the sunlight is converted to Vitamin D. Because Together's Vitamin D already includes these metabolites it can effectively latch on to Vitamin D receptors in the body, be better absorbed and delivered to the right places. Non-food based forms of Vitamin D do not include these metabolites. Suitable for vegetarians.From natural food sources.Nothing else has been added and Together simply enclose the specially grown and gently powdered food into 100% vegetable capsules. The capsules are packed into a handy re-sealable pouch offering minimal packaging to save you money and for convenience when on the go.

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