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Actislim Satiereal 60caps

Actislim Satiereal 60caps

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ACTISLIM Satiereal 60caps
What is Actislim Satiereal Satiereal is a patented saffron extract (Crocus Sativus) from Inoreal manufactured to a particular ratio of active principles (Crocin, Picrocrocin, and Safranal), making it different from other generic saffron extracts standardized only to the safranal content.

How does it work? Stress, anxiety and depression have been shown to influence food behaviour, generally leading to compulsive overeating in reaction to stress.This phenomenon induces weight gain, you can feel guilty, try to stop and generate more stress - the cycle continues! This is mostly due to low serotonin levels.

What is serotonin and how does it matter? Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in your brain that influences your appetite, mood, complusiveness and anxiety. Satiereal inhibits the speed that your serotonin levels naturally drop throughout the day. Maintaining a higher level of serotonin can then reduce your hunger and desire to snack between meals. It can also improve your emotional behaviour and make you feel more alert and happy.

Anything else I need to know? In clinical tests, Satiereal was found to: 80.7% of subjects in a clinical trial reported weight loss 87.5% of women taking satiereal found a decreased hunger sensation at lunch and dinner Also because of the other ingredients it can also help to reduce tiredness and fatigue, and contribute to normal physiological function.

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