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Acupressure Finger Massage Ring
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Acupressure Finger Massage Ring

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Acupressure finger ring is used to massage the finger and stimulate the skin zones and meridian points.

The hand acupressure is based on the ancient knowledge, passed on from a monk who discovered that by stimulating certain points on the hands and feet, can aid in reducing pain. Improves blood circulation and is effective in relieving pain in fingers caused by mechanical labour, numbness and fatigue.

There are acupressure points that have energy lines/meridian points connected from the body to all organs in the hands and feet. By massaging these points with the acupressure finger massage ring, the energetic points and associated organs are stimulated and bring about a balance to the mind, body and soul. 

Note: The acupressure finger ring is for massage purposes and not to be worn as a piece of jewellery. The ring has to keep moving, as long as it is on the finger to prevent blood congestion or poor circulation. Give children only under adult supervision.


  • Stimulates energy up to the ends of your fingers and toes
  • Brings balance between the yin and yang
  • A short massage creates many positive effects
  • Great tingling sensation
  • Brings peace to the body and desired organs

Some applications of acupressure finger ring massager for people who use the computer for long periods, piano, guitar, instrument players, gardeners, house workers and artists. 

Material: Metal
Size: Medium
Type: Massage Ring
Weight: 7g

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