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Adonis Adonis Low Sugar Nut Bar 35g x 25

Adonis Adonis Low Sugar Nut Bar 35g x 25

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Adonis Low Sugar Nut Bar 35g x 25
Introducing our low sugar and 100% natural nut bar, with a rich cocoa flavour, with a hint of goji berry and crunchy chunks of pecans.

Adonis is beginning a low sugar revolution with our range of low sugar snacks that are so low in sugar they aim to not cause a blood sugar spike. They have only 2g of naturally occurring sugar, using no refined sugar or high sugar fruits like dates and staying away from synthetic ingredients.

How we are different: Our low sugar content! We are really low sugar, less than 5%. Our aim is to be the perfect office snack for busy days, when you are stuck to your desk. We understand that snacking is inevitable but reaching for sugary snacks is a short-term fix and once the instant energy wears off, you end up feeling even more tired. We are the solution for the slower release energy to power you through the day!

Even the natural energy bars, which have no added sugar, still have a high amount of fruit sugar such as dates. These are great when you are doing sports but Adonis bars are better for the days when you're at your desk.

The bars have only 2g net carbs and are 100% natural, gluten free, vegan, soy free, high fibre and paleo. The sweetener we use, erythritol is made from fermented fruits or plants - 100% natural and GMO free.

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