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Aduna Moringa Green Superleaf Powder 100g

Aduna Moringa Green Superleaf Powder 100g

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ADUNA Moringa Green Superleaf Powder 100g

Aduna Moringa Green Superleaf Powder is 100% organic, nutrient-dense wholefood made from the naturally dried leaf of the moringa ‘miracle’ tree.

It is a rich source of plant protein, contains 30% fibre and is a source or rich source of 6 essential vitamins and minerals essential vitamins and minerals. These include iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K.

Convenient stickpacks for work, home, wherever… Put one of our single serve, stick pack sachets in your bag and enjoy the benefits of moringa wherever you choose to eat.

Enclosing fifteen gorgeous looking sachets, each stickpack will give you a daily serving of moringa.


Unlike other 'green superfoods' which are often found unpalatable, Aduna Moringa has a pleasant, earthy ‘spinachy’ flavour often described simply as ‘green’.

How to use

We recommend starting with half a teaspoon a day and working up to 2-4 teaspoons. Use it to super-charge smoothies and green juices or as a superfood seasoning for salads, soups and savoury dishes.

For ideas on how you can use Aduna Moringa Superleaf Powder take a look at Our Recipes.

100% Natural & Organic
Free from Wheat, Gluten, Dairy & Refined Sugar
No Preservatives or Additives
Good for Children
Supporting small-scale producers in rural Africa
Suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans, Kosher-certified

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