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Amber Ointment Amber Ointment 35g Tube
Amber Ointment

Amber Ointment Amber Ointment 35g Tube

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AMBER OINTMENT Amber Ointment 35 g Tube
Amber Ointment contains beneficial extracts from Baltic Amber, steeped in Polish medicinal tradition. This special amber is unique to the southern shores of the Baltic and its benefits have been well-documented by scientists over the years. As well as silica, potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium , Amber Ointment contains terpene group substances that have a warming effect, helping to loosen up the muscles around your joints. It also contains up to 8% succinic acid, a bio-stimulant with anti-inflammatory properties. Succinic acid can be found in some fruit and vegetables, but Baltic amber contains 1,000 more even than rhubarb stalks, the food richest in this beneficial acid. The subject of many rave reviews, this ointment is well worth a try, especially as it also moisturises and soothes.

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