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Ankh Rah Morniga Leaf Tablets 80tabs
Ankh Rah

Ankh Rah Morniga Leaf Tablets 80tabs

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ANKH RAH Moringa Leaf Tablets 80tabs

The 80 dried Moringa leaf tablets are packed in a pocket sized container, Ankh Rah High Quality Moringa Tablets can be taken on the move at any time anywhere.

Ankh Rah High Quality Moringa Leaf Tablets Moringa is a plant that may: * Energise you * Relax you * Nourish you * Detox you * Give you mental clarity * Rejuvenate LABORATORY TESTED Ankh Rah Moringa Leaf Powder is tested according to the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) testing standards (ISO 17025). • It has 7 times the vitamin C as Oranges • 3 times the potassium as Bananas • 25 times the iron as Spinach • 2 times the protein as Milk • 4 times the calcium as Milk • 10 times the vitamin A as Carrots • High In Antioxidants and amino acids Every part of the plant is used including the leaf and seeds.

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