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Antibacterial Wipes

Antibacterial Wipes

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Antibacterial Multi Action Wipes - Pomegranate & Lime 40 Wipes: Ecover Antibacterial Multi Action Wipes with pomegranate and lime. For all surfaces in your home - Kitchens and Fridges Bathrooms and sinks Tiles, Taps, toilet seats and bins Food Preparation areas High chairs and changing mats. New convenient alternative to our best-selling Multi-Action Spray, these new Multi-Action disposable wipes perfectly compliment your cleaning cupboard. With an ecological anti-bacterial formulation killing up to 99.9% of bacteria, surfaces from your toilet seats to your baby’s high chair will be left perfectly clean with a delicious Pomegranate and Lime fragrance. Leaves surface sparkling clean. Plant-based formulation. 100% biodegradable fabric. Ingredients: >30% water, <5% ethanol, amphoteric surfecants, non-ionic surfectant, lactic acid, glycerine, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, perfume (contains limonene) (Contains: ethanol 3.5g per 100g, lactic acid 0.4g per 100g. Contains process-improved fragrance. Other Information: Kills 99.9% of bacteria!

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