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Arkopharma Night & Day Capsules 30caps

Arkopharma Night & Day Capsules 30caps

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Arkopharma 4321 Day & Night 30 Capsule
These herbs have been selected to ensure that they work in conjunction with the body's metabolism throughout the day AND night to give maximum results. Just as the body's metabolism varies around the clock, the best herbs to use also vary. Slim & Detox Day & Night capsules combine a DAY capsule (Ivory) for "Get-Up-and-Go" slimming action first thing in the morning and an extended release NIGHT capsule (Brown) for restful night-time sleeping. The capsules contain different formulas specifically designed for "Round the clock" slimming and detoxing technology. Weight loss is easier to achieve when you start by internally cleansing your body to get it working right. Use Diet & Detox Day-Night in conjunction with a calorie conscious diet and exercise program. 4321 Diet & Detox Day and Night has been formulated on the basis of chronobiology - delivering nutrients to the body at the optimum time to ensure they work in synergy with the body's metabolism for maximum efficacy.

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