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Brew Tea Co  Chai Tea - Loose Leaf Tea
Brew Tea

Brew Tea Co Chai Tea - Loose Leaf Tea

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Brew Tea Co Brew Tea Co Chai Tea - Loose Leaf Tea 113g
Chai Tea - Blend of Masala spices and Assam tea. 1/4lb loose leaf tea.Our Chai Tea A classic Chai is spicy, sweet, and milky. Thanks to Team Chai {a bunch of our drinkers turned tea tasters} we have a lovely blend a Assam tea and the perfect masala mix. Now it's over to you guys to make it strong, milky and with a dripping spoon of honey. A Quarter of Tea This pack represents more than just 113g of handpicked, rolled, proper tea leaves. A quick Google tells you that 113.4g is in fact a 1/4 pound, which happens to be the standard weight you'd pop to the shops for when loose leaf tea was all we drank. We're not advocating black and white telly or such like, and of course our teabags {the kind with real rolled leaves in them} have their place. But this is loose leaf and it's for folks who want to take sometime to enjoy a proper cup of tea.

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