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Manomasa Manomasa Chipole Lime Chi 160g  x 10

Manomasa Manomasa Chipole Lime Chi 160g x 10

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Manomasa Chipole Lime Chi 160g x 10
Tortilla Chips with Guajillo Chillies and a Smoky Chipotle Chilli and Lime Seasoning
Tortillas with spirit. Suitable for vegetarians.Recipe No. 24 The Totopo* with smoky chipotle chilli & zingy lime Red Bell Peppers, Guajillo chilli & Toasted Pumpkin Seeds *The tortilla image shown is a visual representation and not actual size Totopo - meaning"to brown"in Mexican - is the Original name for tortilla chips. It was our 24th batch of totopo that made our Spirits Sing and we knew we had hit upon a Mighty creation. The All-Natural deliciousness is all in the Detail: Shape: a traditional Triangle for a true Mexican Classic. Texture: finest White corn masa rolled out extra thin, Rested, toasted until it Pops, and then tumbled through sunflower oil for a Crisp base. Extra Crunch from"pepito"pumpkin seeds. Taste: inspired by the Taqueria - first the heat from Guajillo chilli, then the sweetness of red Bell Peppers, next smoky depth of Chipotle chilli and finally a zing of Lime. Savour: crumble onto salads, serve with Ceviche, dip into Guacamole or, dare we suggest, enjoy with a sip of aged tequila?

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