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Willie's Cacao Chulucanas Gold Peruvian 70 80G x 12
Willie'S Cacao

Willie's Cacao Chulucanas Gold Peruvian 70 80G x 12

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Willie'S Cacao Chulucanas Gold Peruvian 70 80G x 12
An adventure in taste, it melts taking you to the mountains of the Morropon province of Peru, with their native Criollo beans and their distinctive notes of the raisins and plums.

I make all my chocolate from ‘bean to bar’ to capture the mind-blowingly different flavours from the great cacao regions of the world. We are all about flavour, so give our beans a light roast to preserve their natural flavour characteristics, and use natural cocoa butter and raw cane sugar. We add nothing more, not even vanilla or soya lecithin.
Discover the long forgotten flavours of the world’s great cacaos.
Willie Harcourt-Cooze is all about flavour and has redefined how millions of people worldwide think about chocolate. A born adventurer, Willie has travelled deep into the forests and jungles of the world in the search of rare and beautiful beans. His dream of making the world’s best chocolate was born on Hacienda El Tesoro, high in the Cloud Forest in Venezuela, a cacao farm he fell in love with, bought and went to live on in the early 1990’s.
As a cacao farmer himself, Willie puts ethical sourcing at the heart of how he does business and buys his beans direct from the farmers. No chemicals are used on any of the cacao beans, but only some of them are actually certified organic. The focus is on using the best ingredients that fit with our philosophy, not specifically on the certifications they have. For example, we only use organic citrus essences because of the pesticides typically used and we only use organic raisins to avoid the palm oil often used to coat conventional ones.

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